Acclimation of dark respiration: An Antediluvian Europe

Good evening and welcome to somewhere in or near Europe… around 2018.

Right we are all here… If you would like to come this way.

This particular part of Europe has a very unsteady surface… mind you, don’t fall.

Now not a lot of people know that Europe has become uninhabitable for most Anthropocene creatures; if you look down at the floor, you can see where the mattresses have taken their place.

The mattress is now the most prevailing hominid, almost as common as the nymph-like aeroplanes hovering around the room.

You may notice a strange smell in the air, *Sniffs/Inhales vigorously….. very sweet… reminds me of summer three years back……

….. aaaaahhhh, strawberries.   *Sigh

…Anyway, we must press on. The sweet smell surrounding us is the recreation of the biological prototypes that wiped out the European race.

*Sighs once again

The scent of the rotting was not as bad as to be expected; the odour was something close to overripe apricots… Who could resist that sweet sweetness.

It’s around this stage in the tour that I like to raise the subject of darkness….

…. You know there is nothing quite like the darkness of 2018; I myself not fond of the darkness…. I sleep with the lights on…

Now it’s in the darkness; I see the boy's face… eyes protruding…. TOoonnnguuue..out……

…….moving on, as you can see, around you, the rusted aeroplanes have devolved quite quickly; without humans to carry, they got smaller and smaller… eventually becoming what you can see in front of you.

In the middle of the room, you can see what is left of humanity after the hyper-intelligent molecules took hold; the body became fused to the Mattresslands.

Being the only Humanoid species left:

They command the Airplanes,

They are the Air traffic controllers….

That concludes the tour. Please help yourself to refreshments and please remember the artist on your way out.

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