HAHA – C’est la vie

Performed at Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich.

You don’t always get what you expect.

Read your manual!

James Stephen Wright initiated his existence in 1988, and since this time, he has wowed audiences worldwide with his pure entertainment abilities. Prepare to be amazed, to be exhilarated and to be bamboozled! There is no performer like this; he will take you to the next level of excitement and awe, simply extraordinary! His expertise as an artist dates back to when he was just nine years old and started performing professionally. That same year he also became the youngest person admitted to the Royal Academy of Arts. From there, Wright went on to teach a course on performance at Glasgow School of Art when he was just 16. His enduring presence as an artist, integration into pop culture, and even postage stamps prove that Wright's art has no boundaries.

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