In the enigmatic realm where the ethereal blurs with the corporeal, a peculiar entity exists known as PROTON'S GHOST—an amorphous, drippy, and blobby creature defying the conventional boundaries of matter and non-matter. Eluding definition and classification, PROTON'S GHOST traverses the mysterious interstice between existence and nothingness.

At the helm of the otherworldly airwaves, PROTON'S GHOST manifests as the enigmatic host of "Technonepotism," a radio show that shatters the norms of sonic experience. This spectral being guides listeners through a surreal journey, inviting them to immerse themselves in a world of squelchy electronic beats and otherworldly sounds that evoke both fascination and disquiet. With its unpredictable blend of pulsating rhythms and disconcerting melodies, the show emerges as a singular presence in the auditory landscape—a beacon of sonic exploration.

Listeners who dare to tune in find themselves entranced by the ineffable allure of PROTON'S GHOST's technonepotistic universe. The amorphous creature weaves a sonic tapestry that defies the constraints of the tangible, leaving an indelible mark on those who venture into its audio domain. In the nebulous expanse of PROTON'S GHOST's creation, one discovers a paradoxical harmony between the drips and blobs, the unsettling and the mesmerising—a true testament to the boundless creativity of an entity existing in the liminal space between the known and the unknown. Embrace the enigma, surrender to the spectral frequencies, and be engulfed by the ineffable allure of PROTON'S GHOST and the Technonepotistic experience.

Listen Monthly on Slack’s radio.

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