"We Pretended It Wasn't Green" is an immersive art project that takes viewers through a surreal world where nature, perception, and climate ecosystems blur. The installation features a live generative animation showcasing a frog and enchanting mushrooms intricately woven into a constantly changing narrative influenced by real-time earth data from satellites spinning above us.

As climate change continues to affect our planet, "We Pretended It Wasn't Green" reflects our collective denial and apathy towards the environmental crisis. The project highlights a disorienting contrast: a world where the vibrant green hues of nature are distorted and manipulated, representing our tendency to ignore the consequences of our actions. Within this distorted reality, the mushrooms become silent witnesses, existing on the brink of vulnerability yet potentially outliving us all. In this disorienting world, where evidence does not seem to carry much weight, we cannot ignore the green.

Do not ignore the amphibian.

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