“iFiT” combines research into the fields of Cosmism, Speculative Realism & Francois Laruelle’s concept of non-philosophy to produce artworks that exist as speculative worlds. Following the acquisition of the WORM manifesto, iFiT have devoted their efforts to researching possibilities created following the mapping the neural network of the nematode "C. Elegans". By using this open-source project as a jumping off point for looking at how biological and neural networks, digital clones and part-digital existence can inform artworks, artists and collectives conceptually or creatively, iFiT have produced “Worm”- an experimental curatorial project investigating the possibility of digital immortality and the use of current technologies as a means of imagining and instigating alternative speculative futures. iFiT curated a group of works by different artists/collectives that directly informed and interacted with each other through a neural network comprised of a variety of environmental sensors. Worm predominantly involved installed A/V work but live performances were a feature on both nights, again interacting with and affecting the works in the space. Through the neural network, iFit activated version 1.0 of the C. Elegans project, allowing the worm to explore a digital environment generated and affected by works that were curated in the space.

A collaboration with Matt Zurowski.

Exhibiting the works by: ALTR, Alex Mackay,
Diane Edwards, Elise Haller-Shannon, Jamie Dixon, Keiken, Michelle Hannah, Oharasix, Robbie Thomsen, Torsten Lauschmann.

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