A continuous robotic performance, which extends from a previous work (ˌnɑnkə ˈmjuːnɪkəbəl) commissioned by GoMA in Glasgow. These performing robotic organisms respond to the actual space with movement and sound by collecting live air pollution data. The organisms feed off of the air pollution, creating a burbling soundscape. Live-streamed to the virtual universe full of gelatinous sheaths generated by the audience's presence, pumping out quenelles of meaning together.

A multi-layer, surreal performance, creating a present perpendicular world where the organic and artificial, the real and virtual, are disjointed yet merged. Dritt-foppy-gop dittly dink, dritty-foppy-gop dittly dink dittly-dritty-gop quink.



“People think that they sell oil, but in fact, they are becoming oil.” Viktor Pelevin

When we were single-cell organisms we existed in the absence of competition, essentially living forever in stasis. Evolution invites competition. Competition creates capitalism. Capitalism births corporations which strive towards a homogenous world. In the absence of competition, the corporation becomes a single-celled organism. 

This multi-layer, surreal, performance, sees Wright imagine a near future where organic and artificial are indistinguishable and the world coming together might bring its own problems. 

Tiny robotic organisms, feeding off real-time pollution readings in the city, create a soundtrack for Wright's spoken word performance.

The Story of the Vertebrae and the Whale

Donor, Radio GEN, Generator Projects, Dundee.


is a group exhibition exploring the concepts of reality and time within organic and digital spaces. It consists of several collaborations between James Stephen Wright (UK) and (individually) Polina Chizhova (CH/RU/UK), George Finlay Ramsay (UK) and Matt Zurowski (UK). All of the showcased works are presented for the first time to the public and are ongoing projects. dualisms_oo is part of the international fellowship programme at the Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia.

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